Monday, June 23, 2014

What's Up Brow? by SNOE review

Divine with a seal of infinity!

Got a hold of this very awesome eye brow gel liner from a friend who brought it with her on our out of town trip from manila. I get to test this baby for a swimming on a very humid weather, where your makeup would most likely run or be smudged off.
This is so amazing, it's a good alternative for a pricey  brow gel liner from an expensive brand. I believe this is around Php899 from the mall, it's shade is "khaki" an ash toned liner with 2 brushes a slanted and a pointed one. I think this will last me for a very long time since it's hard to remove so there's no touch ups!

Here's a photo of me after more than 10hrs of wearing the brow gel liner on a convention I went to, the weather was mixed of both humid and cold, i keep on wiping my brows from my excessive sweating but Its still there! If it's my usual brow liner, it would  either be gone or I need to do a touchup. 

Pro: It's really effective and long lasting and the shade is nice for me and my hair too.
Cons: You have to practice doing your brows using it or you have to be kind of a pro doing your own brows, because if you don't, you'll end up with a hard to remove brows especially if you're going out. hahahaha...

I'm so happy with this product and it's made in the Philippines too! I hope you guys get to try this, im sure you would be happy too!

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