Monday, June 23, 2014

Sweet Serendipity

Prenuptual Shoot of
Kris and Nem Sia 2011
Photography/Makeup/Hair/Styling: Chris Martinez
Additional Photos: Raymond Fortun
Concept: Nem Sia
Location: Aquatico resort

I love this couple to bits, I think they're cool, funny and are meant to be. 
I did this almost 3 years ago, this was a good start for us to make a series every year during their anniversary.
This was one of the challenging shoots I have done since it's out of town, we have some styling involved, plus hair and makeup and we needed to do a reshoot for our 2nd day.
 The couple are easy to work with and they knew what they wanted to happen and where and both can keep a good laugh or a topic to draw happiness from. We had so many locations and we're past our proper time for eating with almost death-defying-ish, russian roulette stunts shooting somewhere we don't know if it's safe. hahahahhaha... and that is dedication from all of us and being a sport! 

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