Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vivienne Westwood MFW Spring Summer 2015

from floral to sketchy, to pop art, to geometrical to art noveau in a swirl or heady colors

                    If there's really a not-so-shy and in-your-face statement clothes who doesn't shy away in celebrating the quirks and eccentricity while maintaining your youthful to stable look, Westwood would always be on that list for me. It's always experimental and a celebration. I like the look they did this season as well as the overall styling, I see it as a journey to the past to the present and marrying the eras into one collection. 

Ellana Mineral Makeup review and a little bit of history how I got into makeup.

I ventured into make-up blindly before when I was starting, I told myself that if ever I'm gonna invest on the new found talent, it has to be somehow on the perspective where I won't be able to lose much.
 If there's one thing that can make me go crazy over a product, it's when I get to try it for myself and if the result would be more than theatrical to the point I'm gonna be a raving fan!  

                    I researched for a few weeks for a makeup line I have to invest on that works like a charm, won't really really break all my savings from my prior work, something that won't expire fast, safe and will do the work and won't embarrass me. I checked out youtube, blogsites and  makeup forums to find brands that will fit my criteria.

I stumbled upon ELLANA Mineral Makeup  back in the year 2008(i think) and it was love at first sight! 
I bought my foundations, concealers and blush ons and some of my multi purpose eye shadows form them.
Makeup/Hair/Styling and Photograhy by Me
"El Mod Rustiacana"
on jean:
Ellana Multi Purpose Eyeshadow Orchid, Inspiration, Ehthereal(eyeliner), Charm
Ecstasy Bronzer, Purple lipgloss from ellana with Orchid shade of eyeshadow
Hazelnut latte foundation 

They're simply the best when it comes to foundations and concealers, if you're a filipina or filipino who's looking for a right shade of foundation that can really match your color, they have it. I mean, they have yellow and olive skin tone shades of foundations and concealer to boot! Isn't that great?! 
I'm just sick of seeing mismatched colors being used by people, it's just sad to see so much foundations that are based on pink undertones since not all citizens living here in our country are of that undertone.
It's just about time back then to have mineral line made by filipinos, for filipinos and other people of color. 

I was consulted before as part of the focus group for the relaunching of ellana for their new packaging and product direction, maybe because I was a makeup artist, a long time member and I resell them before. 
Anyhow got invited to their relaunching early this year and here's the new look!
the new look of ellana, in compact form and in new trendy and chic packaging.

new look of the loose mineral powder that doesn't expire. (unless you accidentally put moisture in it) with sturdier jars and extra sweet looking packaging that can match other brands design-wise to result-wise.
These foundation are one of the best there is for me, it covers really great from (med-full coverage), it's build-able and makes you poreless looking! I swear! I've used them myself on myself and some of my clients with oily skin to other clients with perfect skin to challenging ones.

here's my favortie from the line:

macchiatto foundation
sheer velvet primer
smile concealer
light roast blush
diva lip and cheek palette

Got a loot bag too after the event and some things i bought! 

you can check out their website for  more of the products they have.:) http://ellana.com.ph/
the people there are nice and fun to talk to, i used to hang out with them at their office before in west avenue. I miss you guys! :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sweet Serendipity

Prenuptual Shoot of
Kris and Nem Sia 2011
Photography/Makeup/Hair/Styling: Chris Martinez
Additional Photos: Raymond Fortun
Concept: Nem Sia
Location: Aquatico resort

I love this couple to bits, I think they're cool, funny and are meant to be. 
I did this almost 3 years ago, this was a good start for us to make a series every year during their anniversary.
This was one of the challenging shoots I have done since it's out of town, we have some styling involved, plus hair and makeup and we needed to do a reshoot for our 2nd day.
 The couple are easy to work with and they knew what they wanted to happen and where and both can keep a good laugh or a topic to draw happiness from. We had so many locations and we're past our proper time for eating with almost death-defying-ish, russian roulette stunts shooting somewhere we don't know if it's safe. hahahahhaha... and that is dedication from all of us and being a sport! 

on being philosophical 3

Works to be used in the future. I'm gonna push this to be a book someday.

Let's take a ride to the sky before the night is gone

oversized square shaped white top from thrift store
velvet gray boots from milanos
bloody red pants from people are people
baroque twisted head piece from thrift store
black square glasses from tomato
gold bracelet and tassles necklaces are given to me by the photographer and stylist

                         I got the chance to work in a shoot before for a catalogue and I did the hair and makeup and eventually helped with the styling since I got no more things to do that day. I hopped in between the breaks we had to ask for the photographer to take my photo. I'm in love with comfort whenever I don't get a lot of sleep especially if I have to wakeup early and go to work. Loose tops are heaven sent for me on days like these. 

on being philosophical 2

another part of a series I'm making.:) Words and photos are by me.

What's Up Brow? by SNOE review

Divine with a seal of infinity!

Got a hold of this very awesome eye brow gel liner from a friend who brought it with her on our out of town trip from manila. I get to test this baby for a swimming on a very humid weather, where your makeup would most likely run or be smudged off.
This is so amazing, it's a good alternative for a pricey  brow gel liner from an expensive brand. I believe this is around Php899 from the mall, it's shade is "khaki" an ash toned liner with 2 brushes a slanted and a pointed one. I think this will last me for a very long time since it's hard to remove so there's no touch ups!

Here's a photo of me after more than 10hrs of wearing the brow gel liner on a convention I went to, the weather was mixed of both humid and cold, i keep on wiping my brows from my excessive sweating but Its still there! If it's my usual brow liner, it would  either be gone or I need to do a touchup. 

Pro: It's really effective and long lasting and the shade is nice for me and my hair too.
Cons: You have to practice doing your brows using it or you have to be kind of a pro doing your own brows, because if you don't, you'll end up with a hard to remove brows especially if you're going out. hahahaha...

I'm so happy with this product and it's made in the Philippines too! I hope you guys get to try this, im sure you would be happy too!