Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ellana Mineral Makeup review and a little bit of history how I got into makeup.

I ventured into make-up blindly before when I was starting, I told myself that if ever I'm gonna invest on the new found talent, it has to be somehow on the perspective where I won't be able to lose much.
 If there's one thing that can make me go crazy over a product, it's when I get to try it for myself and if the result would be more than theatrical to the point I'm gonna be a raving fan!  

                    I researched for a few weeks for a makeup line I have to invest on that works like a charm, won't really really break all my savings from my prior work, something that won't expire fast, safe and will do the work and won't embarrass me. I checked out youtube, blogsites and  makeup forums to find brands that will fit my criteria.

I stumbled upon ELLANA Mineral Makeup  back in the year 2008(i think) and it was love at first sight! 
I bought my foundations, concealers and blush ons and some of my multi purpose eye shadows form them.
Makeup/Hair/Styling and Photograhy by Me
"El Mod Rustiacana"
on jean:
Ellana Multi Purpose Eyeshadow Orchid, Inspiration, Ehthereal(eyeliner), Charm
Ecstasy Bronzer, Purple lipgloss from ellana with Orchid shade of eyeshadow
Hazelnut latte foundation 

They're simply the best when it comes to foundations and concealers, if you're a filipina or filipino who's looking for a right shade of foundation that can really match your color, they have it. I mean, they have yellow and olive skin tone shades of foundations and concealer to boot! Isn't that great?! 
I'm just sick of seeing mismatched colors being used by people, it's just sad to see so much foundations that are based on pink undertones since not all citizens living here in our country are of that undertone.
It's just about time back then to have mineral line made by filipinos, for filipinos and other people of color. 

I was consulted before as part of the focus group for the relaunching of ellana for their new packaging and product direction, maybe because I was a makeup artist, a long time member and I resell them before. 
Anyhow got invited to their relaunching early this year and here's the new look!
the new look of ellana, in compact form and in new trendy and chic packaging.

new look of the loose mineral powder that doesn't expire. (unless you accidentally put moisture in it) with sturdier jars and extra sweet looking packaging that can match other brands design-wise to result-wise.
These foundation are one of the best there is for me, it covers really great from (med-full coverage), it's build-able and makes you poreless looking! I swear! I've used them myself on myself and some of my clients with oily skin to other clients with perfect skin to challenging ones.

here's my favortie from the line:

macchiatto foundation
sheer velvet primer
smile concealer
light roast blush
diva lip and cheek palette

Got a loot bag too after the event and some things i bought! 

you can check out their website for  more of the products they have.:) http://ellana.com.ph/
the people there are nice and fun to talk to, i used to hang out with them at their office before in west avenue. I miss you guys! :)

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