Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Of Nerdy Rock and Club music

Late post:

My bestfriend scored us VIP tickets for David Guetta's concert here in the philippines and boy, I was excited to the nth level! I love his jams and partying of course!

This is what  I wore before his music wore us out (in a good way of partying)

My Blazer was trifted, as well as my tunic length tank top with skull embroidery, my huge nerdy glasses is from SM accessories, Spikes Necklace from and Studded Bracelets and Earrings are from flea market, Trousers are from Oxygen and Shoes from Salvatore Men and Red Watch from Adidas

I really enjoyed David G.'s concert party! We got pretty interesting after a few chugs of booze and danced the night away. It was an interesting night of randomness. :)

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