Monday, March 18, 2013


Our crowning glory can make or break whatever our attire is, it can even limp our confidence just by looking horrid and having treated hair is a plus factor to be more worried or concerned.
Having bleached hair means one condition of hair which has undergone a very severe treatment. Being stripped of protein from the hair makes it prone to breakage, and will need a lot of moisture.
Among many conditioners that I tried that's easy on the pocket and is available in the market, there's this product I tried when I visited the grocery one time.

Suave Professionals Damage Care and Conditioner
this is what the bottle looks like.
the ingredients.

The consistency of this product is not too thick and runny at all. 

My Verdict: It's a really good conditioner for my overly treated hair, after bleaching and coloring to even perm, it's a good one. Is it a keeper? Yes and No. Yes, because it does the job and no, because there are more inexpensive product that exists that i can get the same results like Dove and it hydrates my hair faster.

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