Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Suesh 21pc Brush Set review

            Brush is one of the necessity in doing makeup and I personally believe investing in the right ones is the right way to get you started career-wise or even for personal use. The brush makes difference when applying the product also aside from the one doing it. It'll make things easier, or done professionally.

It was one of the many things I must invest on and good enough, I somehow know what I wanted and what I want it to look like and also the price! I found myself searching over the internet and googling about it, I found that the leading brands has expensive ones, some are made from high quality of course but surprisingly, there are brands that are overpriced for its quality like icky level! Some would range from Php5k-14k some would cost around 2k for just one piece of brush some would cost just hundreds but its not that good. whew! I know my pocket will have another hole as well as my wallet if I didnt research enough that time when I decided I want to learn how to do makeup! 

After a couple of days of searching, I finally saw what fits the budget and my needs at that time.
I stumbled upon a site in Multiply of suesh, and alas my search is almost over from that time. :)

I met the seller from her previous office in ABSCBN since I dont know how to order online that time and talked her for a bit and saw the brushes and I knew I had to purchase it! 
My ever dependable brushes!

Professional Advance 
- For makeup artists who need a set of complete brushes with just-enough tool types and variations. 

Brush length: 8.5 inches (biggest, including hair and handle)
Pouch size: 24 (w) x 9.5 (h) inches
Hairs: All Natural: Goat, squirrel, pony and raccoon hair
Handle: Wood in Silver Gray 

The brush set includes: 
1. Large Powder brush
2. Foundation brush
3. Concealer brush
4. Round blush brush
5. Angled blush brush
6. Base brush
7. XL eyeshadow brush
8. Large eyeshadow brush
9. Med eyeshadow brush
10. Small eyeshadow brush
11. Highlighter brush
12. Wide Smudge brush
13. Contouring brush
14. Angled contouring brush
15. Flat Eyeliner brush 
16. Narrow Eyeliner brush
17. Brow brush
18. Tool
19. Mascara
20. Brow Comb
21. Lip Brush

So with that many numbers in makeup brushes, can I use them all?
It depends! If for personal use, this is too much, but its was made for professional use, it has a broader sense of options. 
I noticed that I only use some of the the brushes that I'm accustomed to although if you don't have the time to clean a particular brush that has another variant.  

Does the product adhere to the brush?
With the right type of product to be used in the brush they do! Actually all of it worked so fine for me, I don't have any problem with them actually.  

Unfortunately someone stole my 1 of my eyeshadow brush during a shoot before, so its not there anymore in the pics, good thing I still have tons of them. hahaha...

The bleaching faux blonde's verdict:
        It's really soft as well as when it touches your skin, it doesn't fall off, it's indeed a lot of varieties of brushes you can use for the its price! remember the price range I scouted for? This babies only cost me Php3,500 Isn't that a reasonable price?! and the quality is very competitive and one of the top there is! I really love these!   The rolled pouch container with it's faux black leather spells love for me! 
        The brush bristles doesn't stiffen even after washing (it also depends on how and what you clean it with), doesn't throws off discoloration from the brushes, the handles are pretty although I had a problem with them maybe when I washed them the wrong way in the early days I was doing makeup, it cracked from being soaked in water or when I let them dry upside down(bristles facing upwards). It was clearly my fault! I should've washed them correctly. (T_T) aside from human error its very dependable since its very well made and I would proudly say it's very recommendable! If you're planning on buying brushes, I strongly urge you to go for it for I'm sure they're really thought-of without compromising the quality!:) 

P.S.: feel free to ask questions about these brushes. :)

here's their site:

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