Monday, August 2, 2010

The faux blonde Chris says hi!

Hi and welcome to my blog!
I'm Chris, a fake blonde for more than 4 years and a Freelance Artist who does makeup, hair, photography and graphic designing for a living.
I'm very much excited and ecstatic about this blog!
I love to get away with my great finds in products especially with my bouts in my profession and also to almost anything under the sun in relation looking and feeling good~

In this blog, I aim to share thoughts tips and whatnots in fashion and some of my good-finds in whereverland!
products out in the market so that we as consumers, know what works and will not work for a particular skin type, particular skin tone and many other formulations etc. 

So share with me your experiences or your own reviews on what you used before or will be using or is using. 
Have an awesome day dear reader!


  1. Hi chris! you have a blogspot account now. what made you decide to move in here? i keep one myself but not quite active. i only have this to follow interesting blogs of others and I've added you on the list for me to follow. well, enjoy blogging and i'm sure to read them. :D

  2. hi aish!
    Livejournal was becomming a pain in the neck for me and you're very aware of that! lol
    I shall follow you too and read your blogs as well. :)
    Miss you so much!

  3. Hi chris. I miss you too. ♥ BTW it's really easy to comment on my blog here. Just click the 'comment' at the bottom of the entry blog. and you can leave me something. thanks! maarte ang blog mo! LOL

  4. now your comment box is working and that you changed your layout. :) see you soon kapatid!