Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Sun Stayed

Boasting Toast!

The trip to La Union did wonders to my soul and my overall thirst for a summer getaway. Took a bus ride from cubao for a grueling 6 hour ride. The city has been good so far, but nothing beats hitting the water of the pool or the sea in this very very hot weather. 

We stayed at La Travieza that our friends used to own. It's such a lovely place, it has that mediterranean vibe  and very homey. There are pools and a walk away from the beach. 

Then another friend of ours invited us over where she lives in la union where lies another sweet escape from manila.

This summer has been really fun and tanning definitely made it heavenly and stronger bonds with friends to boot!


  1. Looking good Chris! That looks like a really lovely place (the first one). Ahoy may blog ka pala? :)

  2. Cool Pics and lovely outfit