Monday, April 1, 2013

My trip to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar and of Hair and Makeup

I got a call from a friend while  I was busy contemplating in my life and whatnots about my career. I was really starting to think how terrible it would be if I didn't get a gig soon. Lovely enough, my friend James called about a shoot he can't do for tomorrow. He warned me it's gonna be a long trip since it's not gonna be in manila. Luckily, my schedule is free and I can really pull it off. It's gonna be a makeup and hair for the prenup which was styled, art directed and styled the set by Rabbit Hole team. I honestly don't know where exactly we'll do the shoot, he just told me it's gonna be in Bataan and I just need to show up around 6am and thank God, the meet up point is near our place! 
Our destination will be in Bagac, Bataan.

I met Darryl and Geoff, the two people who were with us instructing their team from  the rabbithole creatives that day. . . They're pretty groovy and fun to work with, their vision was clear (they know what they want), fun and quirky all at the same time.

also the couple  Ericka and Derrick

They were also both fun and easy to work with, they roll with the punches and are not afraid to try something new.

 here's the detail i did for her hair as a messy up do. I curled it and worked my magic from there. I didn't use any rubber bands on this. 

Since it's a short notice, the pegs were given to me on the day itself and I didn't have that much time over thinking everything, which can be good at times. It was also a humid but windy weather that day. so the hair can get extra messy. I hair sprayed her hair like crazy so it wont budge much and cover her face. 

The place was very, very gorgeous and the 3hrs trip or more from manila was worth it! 

It's definitely a visually stimulating place, all those hispanic and filipino attributes the houses and structures were derived from up to the arabesque and baroque minute details it caters definitely is a historical eye candy! Made me almost forget that I was there for a makeup and hair gig! Here are more of those lovely details I saw! 

PS: These are heritage houses in luzon that were restored and placed here in bataan.

      These were just a few of the places that i had the luxury of snapping during our break. I was trying to stay in the zone even though I lack sleep, plus the lazy daisy weather and the crunch was really taking it's toll. 

          And we were literally chasing the sun when our lunch got really delayed serving it. It took them almost 20 mins to prepare it, and a few more serving the next one. We lost time to have a change of costumes but thankfully we got most of the shots we like. This sunset is really gorgeous and the ombre effect in the sky it's giving. 

here's the third look I did for her. something frosted, darker contour and blush and a pair of wispy hair to complete the breezy-ethereal vibe especially since it's a windy there and her clothes are perfect for the effect. 

i couldn't help but snap a few.

The "town" is already engulfed by darkness by the time we finished shooting. Again, it was nothing but beautiful and romantic.
 I can live in this "town" everyday (next to our neighborhood and malls please). There's still so much more to see aside from the photos i've posted, they were still constructing a church, there were scenic beaches, a lake or river of some sort, a few more houses and like this, I hope you see it during night time! The town is paved with light posts and that romanticly-nostalgic place makes you feel all that trip was worth it! 

I'm sure the direct target market of this place, would be photographers, directors, foreigners and the "balik-bayans" since their place is kinda pricey and a bit far from manila, but it's one of those trips you wouldn't want to miss if you love history, architecture, aesthetics and art! 

Be ready to fall in love! 

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